MFS offers professional financial planning services on three platforms.

The first and most common arrangement is the Open Retainer. This program provides services for one calendar year and includes meeting with your advisor quarterly during that year. We charge a flat fee for the Open Retainer and the fee is based entirely on the complexity of your situation. We do not charge a fee based on income, assets, or ability to pay, but rather the scope of the work to be provided and time requirements of the advisor. The meetings can be used for any agenda items preferred by you, and will include income tax preparation, investment management, retirement planning, cash flow management, insurance analysis, estate planning, college planning, and anything else that impacts your financial life. This is an Open Retainer and there are no additional costs for phone calls, e-mails, or additional meetings. MFS does not accept compensation from any third parties and the flat fee is the only compensation paid by the client.

You may want professional advice on only a certain topic or two and can retain our services on a Project Retainer basis at a flat hourly rate of $200 per hour. The scope of the project would be outlined at the beginning of the agreement and there are no further obligations at the close of the project.

If you are getting started on your financial journey, or are do-it-your-selfer, we offer a limited engagement called a Moore Financial Review. This option includes one -two hour meeting and a follow up thirty minute phone call within six month of the meeting. You can set the agenda for the meeting and will leave the appointment with a set of notes, calculations, and illustrations answering each of your questions. There is a one-time fee of $950 for the Moore Financial Review and there is no further obligation after completion of the meeting.

We are committed to providing excellent value to our clients and assume a true fiduciary role in the advisor relationship. Our compensation arrangement removes all conflicts of interest and is completely transparent for the client.