Fee-Only Financial Planning

Fee-Only Means Commission-Free

It’s very simple – as a fee-only financial planning firm, we put your needs first. We don’t sell any products. We don’t receive any commissions, referral fees or kick-backs. We only make recommendations that are in YOUR best interest. Because we charge a flat fee for our services, you can take comfort in knowing we have your best interest in mind.

Fee-only planning eliminates any confusion about what the financial planner gets paid, and instead puts the focus on providing top-notch services. Because we don’t sell products, clients will never be pressured into an approach that may not fit their needs.

Fee-only financial planning also allows us to focus on providing comprehensive services for our clients. We look at your entire financial picture and make recommendations based on your needs.

And, our fees do not change whether we are assisting clients with investments, insurance, estate planning, cash flow, business planning or tax planning. This flexibility allows us to assist clients as their lives change.